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UpdatedTuesday March 29, 2022 byGSLA.

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Hello Parents/Guardians,

As a past member of our lacrosse family, you are receiving this email to inform you of the return of lacrosse in Sudbury for 2022. It’s been a LONG two (2) years without our favourite sport, but we are so excited to be planning for this Spring/Summer.

For those that may have missed the social media buzz about the return of lacrosse, I am writing to you today to inform you that registration is open and will remain open until April 15, 2022. You can sign up your child at

Division Information:

U5 (Soft Lacrosse) - Ages 3-4 birth years 2019-2018

U7 (Paperweight) - Ages 5-6 birth years 2017-2016

U9 (formerly Tyke) - Ages 7-8 birth years 2015-2014

U11 (formerly Novice) - Ages 9-10 birth years 2013-2012

U13 (formerly Peewee) - Ages 11-12 birth years 2011-2010

U15 (formerly Bantam) - Ages 13-14 birth years 2009-2008

U17 (formerly Midget) - Ages 15-16 birth years 2007-2006

U22 (formerly Intermediate) - Ages 17-21 birth years 2005-2001

Dependent on sign up per division, the GSLA Scheduler is working on a two (2) arena schedule that would see all age groups playing House League on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Each age group can anticipate playing two (2) times per week between the first week of May until the last week of June (playoffs will be the first week of July).


1) U5 & U7 will be combined for floor times to support shared practice.

2) If you are registering as a U17/U22 player, please consider the following:

- With sufficient players at each level, divisions will play within their age group

- If there is only sufficient sign up at the U17 and/or U22 level to support one team per division, consideration will be made to form a Rep team at the applicable level with fees reserved for one team (not required to pay both House League and Rep)

- If there is not sufficient sign up, U17/U22 may be combined for floor time(s) to support shared practice.

As we work to grow the game in the North, we’re thrilled for you and your child to be a part of the excitement.

Yours in lacrosse,

B.J. Adair

President, Greater Sudbury Lacrosse Association